Wondering what it's like to work with me? Check out what clients are saying: 


Kaye B: From Burnt Out To Confident  

“I was staying up at night stressing about all the things I need to do and how to do them. I was tired and felt scattered, burnt out and had difficulty having tough conversations.

What made me finally reach out to Jen was realizing that I needed more mental self-care and support.

What I wasn’t expecting to also get help with was business guidance. It isn’t an area that I had a lot of experience with and it’s so helpful to have someone to talk through things.

I also appreciated Jen’s follow-up, things to think about (homework) and additional articles she sent.

Now, I feel hopeful that I am moving my life to where I want it to be. I am less overwhelmed, which makes me feel more confident in all areas of my life!”

- Kaye B. Edmonton, Canada.


Kim R: From Overwhelm to Slaying Goals and Launched Business

Before coaching, I had some anxiety, a lack of focus, and felt overwhelmed by my to-do-lists. I lacked confidence in my ability to get my business up and running.

I finally said, “enough is enough, I need a coach.”

As soon as I met Jen, I knew we would be the right fit. Her calm and compassionate demeanour, plus her background, really supported me.

Jen was great at helping me get clear, see around obstacles, and understand how simple solutions can be.

The sessions were FUN. Having them every week helped me stay focused and accomplish many goals in a short amount of time. As a result of slaying my goals every week, I feel more confident and happier – and have launched my business.

Thanks Jen for all the support and for having the most fantastic active listening skills!"

- Kim R. Edmonton, Canada


Janis: From Stressed To More Productive And Present

"Before starting coaching with Jenifer, I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed trying to fit it “all” in. I had sleepless nights, weight gain, feelings of always working and never getting ahead.

My favourite aspect my coaching sessions are the weekly calls! I know I can survive a week on the bumpy seas and Jen will be there with a life jacket, no matter what has crashed up on deck.

Over the last four months, I’ve seen a lot of results. I’ve increased my productivity in my business and at home. I am more focused on rest and relaxation, which feeds back into increased overall productivity. I’ve improved my ability to let things go, even in areas where no change has happened (e.g. arriving late. I'm still late but I'm calm). I have a better appreciation for my time, and the ability to pay more attention to both my son and my business.

Thank you, Jen!"

 - Janis. Calgary, Canada.