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I'm Jenifer Horvath – a trained Life and Business Coach, a mommy to two, step mom to two, life partner, a mind-body science geek, a women advocate, an Edmonton Oilers fan, and a hard-core latte lover.  Are you curious about what I do, how I got here and what it's like to work with me? You've come to the right place. Read on! 

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What I Do

I help women, who are mothers,

overcome overwhelm,

get rid of the bag of guilt, 

stop procrastinating, 

figure out what they want, and

then make it happen, 

all with a family. 


What I Know

  • Mothers need and deserve more support because they’re at the heart of our families and communities. They matter!

  • Time spent on healthcare and self-care makes us happier, healthier, more patient and more loving.

  • When women to have the courage to invest in their own self-care, career and development they achieve things beyond their imagination. When they step into their power, that influences all the people around them and creates even bigger, brighter change. The ripple effect is strong.

  • Women have much to contribute. Finding and raising our voices for ourselves, our families and our communities will benefit all. Over time, this will change society and create greater opportunities for our children.
  • It is all possible. 


My Story

In the last 10 years, I had 2 beautiful children; went through post-partum depression; felt guilty about working; felt guilty when not working; was bullied and sexually harassed at work; left an unhappy marriage (he's a great father); and, lost my voice while trying to live a Pinterest-perfect life. Even though I had very loving parents, sister and friends I felt really alone and afraid to share that I felt unhappy because on the surface had a perfect life!  

One night on the couch, while flipping between numbness and tears, I realized that deserved to live fully and joyfully. I didn’t have to conform to society's expectations. My opinions, ideas and contributions mattered. I mattered. Also, that no one is going to save me. It was up to me to change. If I wanted to live a life that I loved it was 100% up to me. 

It took me a long time to work through my beliefs, guilt and fears. Looking back now I wish I had a coach to support me through those years but I didn't know anything about coaching, or anyone who was a coach. It would have been faster and easier.

That’s why after 20 years of asking curious questions as a marketing communications professional I left the corporate world and its perks, to go to school to become a trained life and business coach. 

I became a life coach to help moms find their way so they may have a balanced, successful, happy life and a greater positive impact on their children. So, they have the support and don’t have to go through what I went through alone.

Moms need and deserve more support. We are stronger when we get it and we can really change the world when we are at our best.


Living My Life To The Fullest

Today I am living a heart lifted life. (Yep, I named my business after that feeling!) One of joy, beauty, calm, curiousness, strength and abundance. I am fully myself with my kids, partner, family, friends, and clients. I wake up happy to start the day and am grateful for my life at the end of the day.

Outside of supporting moms and building my coaching practice, you'll find me sipping lattes, travelling, chatting with friends, learning about psychology and neurology, practicing yoga and gratitude, spending time with my kids and partner, and having random dance parties!

I share moments of beauty, inspiration and mind-body insights on Instagram and Facebook. Come join me! 


What It’s Like To Work With Me

You can be completely and absolutely yourself. I create a warm, safe space for you to explore, reveal, learn and create. I support you by coming to our sessions with a full heart, open mind and with curious questions to help you dig deep into what matters. I do not give unsolicited advice, like a well-meaning friends or family members. I meet you exactly where you are, as you are. 

One-on-one coaching is done over the phone so you can be comfortable and relaxed in your own space. Your time is precious too, so this reduces travel time and we can get focused immediately.

Changing habits at minimum takes 21 days, but science has shown that longer more meaningful change can take 3 – 6 months. That’s why I work with you over many months. You want your investment in yourself to stick. Not be a New Year’s Resolution that fades in a few weeks or to find a short-term fix for short term results. You want and will get life changing results.


The Best Day To Begin is Today

If you’re nodding your head as you’ve read this or seen glimpses of possibilities for yourself, then let’s chat to see if we’re good partners for your journey. 

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